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Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection

Aveng Rail’s ultrasonic rail flaw detection machines are designed for revealing defects along the whole length and across rail sections of railway lines, with continuous testing of speeds up to 35km/h.

Aveng Rail is the licensed operator of the RFAS 2100 ultrasonic rail flaw detection system. This system is the latest development by Speno Rail Maintenance Australia (Pty) Ltd.


  • Real time defect analysis and presentation, along with saving of all raw data for replaying purposes
  • Vehicles able to perform testing on a nonstop testing principle
  • Probe configurable to clients’ needs, with remote probe positioning
  • Road-rail vehicles used in all operations
  • High speed testing up to 35km/h
  • Bi-directional testing
  • Testing can be done on 1 067mm and 1 435mm gauge
  • Able to replay any previous test run
  • Testing resolution (pulse repetition rate) 4mm – driven by a 1mm ‘shaft encoder’ resolution
  • Capable of operating at night