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Rail Profile Rectification

Aveng Rail has been manufacturing, operating and maintaining grinding machines designed by Speno International of Geneva since 1968. Rail rectification includes all the aspects of surface fatigue treatment, corrugation removal, profile restoration and wheel burn removal.


  • Better track stability – extending track geometry durability
  • Extending wheel life – improved rail/wheel contact
  • Reducing noise levels – elimination of corrugations and surface defects
  • Extending rail life – reducing surface fatigue and wear
  • Reduction in tractive effort – fuel and energy savings

Open track grinding machine:
Speno RR24 M12/M13 Machine

  • Operating gauge 1 067mm
  • 7km/h to 15km/h grinding speed
  • 75km/h to 100km/h self-propelled traveling speed
  • 48 grinding stones (24 per rail line)
  • Grinding range of 60 degrees gauge side and 15 degrees field side

Open track and switch grinding machine:
Speno RR16 M3 Machine

  • Operating gauge 1 067mm
  • 1 435mm gauge conversion on request
  • 4km/h to 7km/h grinding speed
  • 75km/h self-propelled traveling speed
  • 16 grinding stones (8 per rail line)
  • Grinding range of 70 degrees gauge side and 8 degrees field side
  • Computer controlled angular positioning of the grinding units
  • Automatic pre-selection of a wide range of patterns according to surface defects and the required transverse profile
  • Automatic grinding load control
  • Transverse profile measuring equipment for quality control and operator interface
  • Water cannons for efficient fire fighting together with passive spark deflectors
  • Dust aspiration for maintenance and environmental reasons