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Rail Profiling and Rail Grinding

Since the inception in 1968 in South Africa of on-track rail rectification, Aveng Rail Services has been operating and maintaining grinding machines supplied by Speno International of Geneva. Rail rectification includes all the aspects of the surface fatigue treatment, corrugation removal, profile restoration for rail/wheel contact and wheel burn removal.

The URR32E-SB 32 stone grinding machine and the two RR24-M 24 stone machines are equipped with the latest technology necessary for rail reprofiling and rectification to achieve the best technical and economic benefits.

The operational performance of these machines has been brought to new heights thanks to a number of state of the art innovations:

  • Computer controlled angular positioning of the grinding units with automatic pre-selection of a wide range of patterns according to surface defects and the required transverse profile
  • Automatic grinding load control
  • Higher performance grinding stones
  • Transverse profile measuring equipment for quality control and operator interface
  • Water canons for efficient fire fighting together with passive spark deflectors
  • Dust aspiration for maintenance and environmental reasons.

Economic benefits that can be achieved are:

  • Better track stability – extending track geometry durability
  • Extending wheel life – improved rail/wheel contact
  • Reducing noise levels – elimination of corrugations and surface defects
  • Extended rail life- reduced surface fatigue and wear
  • Reduction in tractive effort – fuel and energy savings.

An RR18E-5 18 stone grinding machine is in use on the private rail industry in southern Africa. The compactness of this machine is ideally suited for short sections with severe rail surface defects.

Rail Grinding

AMLRS operates two open track grinders and one set grinder.
The set grinder is available for re-profiling of all types of turnouts used in the industry including 1 in 9, 1 in 12, and 1 in 20 wood or concrete sets. The machine is fitted with a computerised control system that makes it possible to achieve a high degree of accuracy on all turnout components.

The state of the art 48 Stone High Speed Open Track Grinder for preventative grinding is fitted with:

  • Computer controlled angular positioning of grinding units with automatic pre-selection of a wide range of grinding patterns according to surface defects and required transvers profiles
  • Automatic grinding load control
  • Contact less transvers profile measuring systems
  • Water cannons for efficient fire fighting
  • High performance grinding stones

A 32 Stone grinder for hard corrective grinding and slow speed preventative grinding is also available.