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Rail flaw detection

Aveng Rail Services is the licensed operator of two road-rail compact Ultrasonic Rail Flow Detection Systems on the Transnet rail network. These systems are the latest development by Speno Rail Maintenance Australia (Pty) Ltd of digitalised rail flow detection equipment.

Advantages of the Speno systems

  • Real time defect analysis and presentation, along with saving of all raw data for post reporting purposes
  • Probe configurations easily reconfigured to suit the client’s needs
  • Remote probe positioning
  • High speed testing
  • Very user friendly screen presentation of rail defects
  • User friendly system configuration
  • Able to replay any previous test run
  • Communication via modem with a “Satellite” vehicle whilst in a ‘non-test’ testing mode
  • Probe wheels developed over many years
  • Industrial & High Quality equipment used
  • Testing speed (maximum) – 38 kph (rail and track condition dependent)
  • Testing resolution (pulse repetition rate) 4mm – driven by a 1mm ‘shaft encoder’ resolution
  • Test Direction – Forward & Reverse.