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Ballast Tamping

Aveng Rail owns, operates and maintains a comprehensive fleet of heavy-duty on-track tamping machines. Most machines are built in South Africa and are adapted to suit South African and international conditions and requirements.

Aveng Rail’s fleet of ballast tamping machines have different production and operational requirements, which range from switch
tamping, continuous tamping and open line tamping.

Operation capabilities

  • 16-tool combinations for turnout and open line tamping
  • Automated Jupiter electronic control system
  • Equipped with a laser alignment system
  • Production rates in excess of 18 sleepers/minute can be achieved
  • Off-tracking equipment is standard on all MKIII machines, suitable for any standard offtracking platform
  • Ideally suited for construction type tamping requirements due to its long relative base for lifting and alignment
  • 12 to 15 sleepers/minute production
  • Machines can be fitted with a laser alignment system
  • Off-tracking equipment is standard on all machines